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Moving From Single To Married

Moving From Single To Married
Married people have been seen in many funny displays ranging from wearing their wedding rings in the wrong fingers, not wearing them all, to, in worse and many cases, divorce. what is even funnier is the kind of responds you get from these people as reason:

  • the man who wears his wedding ring in the wrong finger responded that, its because he is married to the wrong woman.
  • couples who do not wear their wedding rings said they are too ashamed of their marriage, so they hid it from the world.
  • couples who ended up in a divorce court said they've had it to their limit.

These mentioned and many unmentioned cases share a common origin, which is "ABSENCE OF PREPARATION FOR MARRIAGE". It is worthy of note that, "you don't prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage". like a soldier does not learn how to shot in the battle front, he does so before the battle.

ABSENCE OF PREPARATION FOR MARRIAGE is what has really gotten allot of couples through court processes to dissolve their marriages. Isn't funny how people spend time and money preparing for wedding, with little or no preparation for marriage proper? As a single who wishes to get married sooner or later, this is your time to prepare your mind and body for marriage.

I have listing some important things you need to know in your preparation

  1. Cultivate self-love: many people think love is when you love someone. Yeah, that's correct but not complete. And why is it not complete? Because when you love someone without loving yourself that is not love. It is obsession or there is something that person has that drives you crazy or your wishes for what that person has, low self esteem might also be in play here. Do not miss interpret the scripture here too "love your neighbour as yourself, Mark 12:31"  the scripture clearly supports my point, you should love your neighbour "as you love yourself", first of all, you should be able to love yourself, before you can share it with others or someone else. you don't give what you don't have. You might be wondering why I'm so stressing on self-love and its significance to marriage. this is because of the following: (1)when you have self-love, you are happy, and when you are happy, the person next to you will be happy too.(2)when you love yourself, you will not be dependent or over dependent on others for your happiness. This helps allot when choosing the right partner.(3)when you have self-love, you are a confident person who is not jealous, so you wont have problem with your future partner talking or interacting with others(4)you maintain the best of you when you love yourself.therefore self-love is important.
  2.  Finance: You need to establish your financial independence and maintain a stable income. Depending on your partner always for fund, especially the ladies, can breed contempt and reduce you to subordination. Everyone needs to support his/her family financially also.
  3. Personal hygiene: Good practice of personal hygiene helps you establish a healthy home, maintain good look and keep your spouse attracted you.
  4. What does your relationship(s) say about you: are you in a relationship? if yes, what does your partner think of you? if you're in a relationship, you need to access yourself with it. try to find out your flaws and do well to correct them. So you don't carry them into marriage.(1)if you are selfish with money or material things, and with decision making that affects the other person, do well to correct this. (2)if you are the type with thrust issues, do well to work on it, it is marriage and relationship killer. Never distrust your spouse unless you have obvious reason. 
  5. Health: before you consider marriage, be sure you do a complete medical checkup: check your status, genotype, fertility etc. And be sure your spouse to be does same. I am not saying health is a determinant of marriage here, I am saying:(1)you should know whats going on inside of you. So if at all there is anything wrong, you can sort it out immediately, so it doesn't pose a threat to your marriage.(2)if you have a condition that is not easily or cannot be sorted out, discuss it with your partner-to-be, so you'll both deal with it together .

Just check yourself with these few stated points and groom yourself well for marriage. Good luck and God bless you.

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