Saturday, 22 July 2017


Introduction is not marriage💍! Boyfriend👨 is not Hubby! Fiance is not Hubby💑! Living together is not marriage💑. What is the problem here? Don't you all know the meaning of marriage again😀😀😀? You have not been aknowledged, introduced to the world, by him👨with his family👨👧👩 and yours and elders👊👊👊 and clergy or court officials in waiting, you have not been given a ring💍 and you are calling him your, "Hubby👨", are you okay at all👀? Please girls👧, please respect yourselves👧. Respect your parents👪 as well...Quit confusing these guys👨, quit giving them more than they are ready for, calm down with your desperation💋💋, raise your value!!! Know your damn worth!!! Today you visit, you leave toothbrush! Tomorrow you leave slippers👡👡! Yesterday you left panties! Next tomorrow, you stayed forever. Have you been asked out yet👀? Are you sure he is ready😛😛😛, if you turn yourself into a free cow 🐈that gives milk freely, why would a sensible man then buy milk again? Stop turning yourselves to free foods that could be eaten anytime by any man. Enough is Enough, be wise from today. AM I MAKING SENSE.!! He who keep a woman in his house without paying her bride price is a kidnapper😂😂😂😂
Awon aburo Evans😂😂😂😂😂
Z in d body 😷😷😷

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