Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Self-Determination Is ONLY For WHITE People NOT Blacks – U.K Govt Shocks The World

“the unity of Nigeria should not be negotiable but the unity of U.K should be negotiable” – UK

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria Paul Arkwright has said the position of the United kingdom has always be in favour of one and indivisible Nigeria.

Arkwright spoke at a public lecture titled Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria at the Federal University, Lokoja, on Thursday.

Asked about the position of Britain on the groups pushing for independence from Nigeria, the envoy said the UK remained firm in its support for one Nigeria.

According to him, the unity of Nigeria should not be negotiable, adding that the country will be better under one umbrella.

UK conducted Referendum for Scottish people in 2014 and also conducted a referendum for Bristish people (Brexit) in 2016

Indications however shows that US President Donald Trump strongly believes in the right for self determination for Biafrans and all humanity.

Trump has invited leaders of IPOB to the Whitehouse this week over agitation for Biafra referendum.

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