Saturday, 29 July 2017

Honest post. True?

Boy : Baby Are You Ready ?
Girl : Yes Am Ready Love We Have Been Waiting For This For 4 Years Now.
Boy : Yes We Have Love.
Girl : Promise Me You Won't leave Me After Taking My Virginity.
Boy : I Promise My Love.
Girl : Okay Love So We Going To Use A Condom ?
Boy : Love i Trust You And You Trust Me Don't See A Reason For Us To Use A Condom.
Girl : Yes Love I Trust You.
Boy : Are You Sure You Ready Love
Girl : Yes Am Ready Boo.
(*10 Mins later, After Sex*) .
Boy : Wow That Was Great Love.
Girl : Yes Love It Was Great But Am In Pain Now.
Boy : Sorry Love you Have To Be In Pain Cause It Was Your First Time.
Girl : Okay Love Hope Second Time It Won't be Painful.
Boy : Nah Love Second Time It Won't Be Painful.
Girl : Okay.
(*Few Days Later*) .
Girl : Babe Am Pregnant.
Boy : You What ?
Girl : ( Crying )Am Pregnant.
(The Boy Didn't Say Anything For 5 Minutes Then He Got Up And Went To His Room And Got Back.
After 15 Minutes)
Boy : ( On His Knees ) I Have Been Waiting For This Day For 3 Years So Will You Make Me The Happiest Man In The World Will You Please Marry Me ?
Girl : (Crying) Yes I Will Marry You
Boy : Wow Thank You Love I love You So Much.
Girl : I Love You Too My Future Husband. .
(9 Months later The girl gave Birth To Two Beautiful Baby Girls.) .
*A Year later they got married* ...
Surely Do Such Men Exist??
Yes Or No ?

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