Friday, 7 July 2017


The female brєαst, also known as “the twins” or “the girls”, have remained the most conspicuous
attractive feature of the female sєxual organ. Perhaps, its strategic positioning and function adds to its importance in the life of a woman.
Men love brєαsts just as much as women love their brєαsts to be stimulated, it is filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, suckєd or lickєd. Unfortunately, many men avoid a woman’s brєαsts as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe the brєαst milk is harmful for adults. But, can an adult also take brєαst milk? Yes. In fact, brєαst milk is quite beneficial for adults too, it increases an adult’s immunity as it does in children. Well we will come back to this… But First Here are the 5 Things Women Benefits From Getting Their Brєαsts Sucked…
Interestingly, men are constantly drawn to the bre.asts. A lot of this attraction has been attributed to psychological composition, perception and beliefs. For, pray, why would a full grown man be obsessed with sucking some mounds of milkless bre.asts? I don’t often get logical answers to this question when I ask. The function of the bre.asts in se.xual behaviour has been attributed to human Face -to -Face copulation that is unusual among other mammals. Since the breast already serves the function of mother-infant bonding, then it is also excellent for male -female bonding, says an argument. After all, it is just within reach.
5. Durinng Chest Suction Balance in A woman’s cardiovascular system is maintained. If a woman’s chests are sucked for a long period, it increases the heart beat rate of a woman interchangeably to 110 beats per minute. It is a very good exercise for your heart health.

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