Saturday, 27 May 2017

Dear Ladies: Bitter Truth You Must Swallow About SEX

Bisi Oludare
In this sex-saturated world where everybody sees sex as a Visa to get anywhere in life, some great truths must be noted about sex for singles. As a single lady, you cannot use sex to keep any man, that guy is with you because he wants to be with you.

Here are some things you need to know about sex

1. Sex Outside Marriage Is A Sin

It could have turned to something singles celebrate today, but sex outside of marriage used to be and it still a taboo that nobody wants to even relate with or be found doing. It reduces your worth as a lady.

2. Sex Can make Him Stay only for the night

Sex will only keep him by yourself overnight till he is done with you; it cannot make him stay with you forever. What he is looking for is a lady he can take home to Mama not a German sex machine of every man.

3. Sex doesn’t keep a man.

Listen up! Whether you can do different positions and turn 360 degrees in bed; that cannot keep any man. You are only short changing yourself and your destiny.

4. Sex Will Only take You To His Bedroom

Having sex with him will not make you resident in his heart or create a palace for you in his life. You will only be that sex partner he is waiting to drop soon.

5. Sex Can Only Bring Few Seconds Pleasure.

That sex will only give you few minutes’ pleasure followed by a lifetime of regret

6. Sex Is A Product Of Love

Don’t get it twisted; sex is just one of the products of love. Sex is not love in itself and love can never be a product of sex.

7. It Erodes Trust

The guy will find it hard to trust you so there is no way he would want to marry you because trust is one of the bedrocks of a solid marriage

8. Sex Is Not Cheap.

There is no cheap sex as a single; you are actually paying with your life. It will soon backfire

9. You Cannot talk Boldly About It In Public.

The fact that you cannot even boast of it in public makes it a bad act of indulging in.

10. You Lose Your Dignity.

Having sex outside of marriage makes you lose your dignity and you tend to hide your face in shame when you see the guy or his friends.

11. You Probably Become A Dropout.

Once you get pregnant, it turns you to a school dropout. Depending on your level, once you get pregnant education might stop and you tend to waste years while your mates have already graduated.

12. You Are Playing With Death.

One thing sex outside marriage will give you is death. This will happen after you are pregnant and you want to abort. Abortion will only offer to you your death sentence on a platter of gold. This is the result of your act. You can even lose your womb in the process and you become barren for life.

13. You Are At A Higher Risk Of Having STD.

This is very common and it has even been shown that condom might not fully prevent you from it. Sexually transmitted Diseases are easy routes to the grave. Run for your life

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