Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Baby Born With Additional Head Attached To Its Stomach. Photos

These disturbing pictures show a baby who was born in India with an additional head attached to its stomach. As well as the separate appendage, which has no ears and eyes due to being partly developed, the infant also has a third hand...

Doctors fully expect to remove the extra limbs in an operation at the Ram Snehi Hospital, in Jahazpur, 'very soon'.

An unnamed 21-year-old woman presented herself to doctors after experiencing pain during her pregnancy. She was immediately referred for a sonography scan and an ultrasound to check the health of her unborn child.

Tests revealed that the child would be born with extra limbs, which could be a sign of a parasitic twin.

Dr Vijiyeta Garg, a gynaecologist who looked after the woman, assured the family that both mother and child could be saved.

However, her 24-year-old husband insisted that her life was a priority and the baby should come second.

After a successful Caesarean section, the family were relieved that both managed to survive.

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