Wednesday, 10 May 2017

7 Reasons we should stop killing snakes

Most people sees Snakes as an enemy to humanity, they hate them with the whole of their heart. Thus, they think the best way to stop them from killing us all is to kill them all off. They forgot that Snakes are important animals that helps keep our natural ecosystems working.

This days in Nigeria, killing snake(s) is like winning Grammy. No thanks to Nairaland and its popular Super-Mod, Lalasticlala, whom love for Snake matters knew no bound.

I think we all should LEARN to live with them, 'cos soon, our lives may depend on them.

Here, I present to you 7 reasons you should STOP killing snakes:

1. Snakes Do Not Ordinarily Attack Humans.
Though, some snakes possess venom potent enough to cause painful injury or death to humans, Snakes do not ordinarily prey on humans. Unless startled or injured, most snakes prefer to avoid contact and will not attack humans. So why kill the INNOCENT animals?

2. Snakes Could Save Your Life Tomorrow.
Snake venoms are being researched as a potential treatment for cancers, diabetes, stroke, kidney problems, high blood pressure, heart failures, and even creating painkiller that are more powerful and effective than morphine, Anti-ageing drugs, e.t.c.

3. They Help Us Keep The Rodents Population in Control.
Most snakes feeds mice, rats, and other small mammals that can destroy crops or damage personal property. Without snakes, we would be completely overrun by these nuisance rodents. Remember LASSA fever?

4. They Also Helps In Insect Control Too.
Small snakes feed on bugs and insects. Most of which are harmful to us. So why kill our SAVIOURS?

5. They Help Us Keep Famine Away; Pest are crops enemy, but snakes may save us from them. Remember the Tomato Ebola?

6. They Help Us Minimize Rodent and Insect Spread Diseases and/or Infections; since they prey on them.

7. They Are Food To Other Animals Too; Remember, Without snakes, some animals may starve to death.

Getting rid of snakes won't help us at all. Please #saveTheSnakes

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