Thursday, 13 April 2017


Model with the largest breasts in Europe takes tanning injections to darken her skin

A busty German glamour model has shocked her fans with a new “extreme tan” that has turned her fair skin to “dark crispy brown” and made her look “African dark” with just three tanning injections. .

Martina Big who claims her size 32 S breasts are the biggest in Europe has had tanning injections to turn her white Caucasian skin a deep shade of mahogany brown. Martina says that she wants even more of the melanin increasing injections, despite the visible change.
With her peroxide hair, eye-watering 32S-cup cleavage and tiny size six frame, Martina Big
certainly stands out from the crowd.

And in a bid to create her dream body, Martina has started having tanning injections as well as regular sunbeds to keep her a mahogany shade.

Martina, 28, who uses a pump to inflate her breasts with saline and plans to have further surgery, including a bum lift, explains: “People might think my image is extreme, but I love it. I used to be pale but I’ve always been obsessed with having a tan. I love the Katie Price look.”

A While Back she posted the below photo with the caption;

Since my transformation 9 weeks ago, not only my skin colour has changed.
Everything of my body has become much darker, as for example my hairs (eyebrow, hairline).
Since I bleach my hairs, you can’t see colour difference of hairs.
But my European facial features have not changed.

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