Monday, 10 April 2017

My girlfriend is sleeping with her boss

From  naijasinglegirl…

My girlfriend of 3 years woke me up in the middle of the Saturday night to confess she’s been sleeping with her boss of 5 years. She cried as she confessed and said she couldn’t live with her conscience. He is the one that got her this job and she’s been the breadwinner in our relationship.

I have been trying to get on my feet since i lost my job a year ago and this girl has been understanding so far. She loves me, takes care of me, gives me money for myself and junior brothers and i have always sure we will end up being married until her confession.
She said she told the man she wants to discontinue the affair and he’s been threatening her with a sack. She needs this job because she is the breadwinner of her home too but the thought of another man in bed with my gf is sickening. She said she promises to put an end to the affair soon while she searches for a new job but i want to breakup. At the same time it will seem like a betrayal because i have been a beneficiary. Am i over reacting?

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