Wednesday, 15 March 2017


You can run but you can't hide because God does His things in mysterious ways.
The pastor who used human bodies lined up as part of his church foundation has finally been apprehended.
The corpses were buried inside the foundation of a church building under construction and totally covered with concrete in Enugu State Nigeria.
According to the police,the workers might have been bribed to do this evil act and now that the master minder has been apprehended, hopefully through his confession all other culprits will be apprehended.
Please my brothers and sisters you can see how dangerous it is in our modern day Nigeria to follow a friend or a neighbour even a family member to any mushroom church in search of life solutions. you could be killed easily, hardship is for a while, joy comes in the morning. one important thing we have forgotten is the fact that God created some poor and some rich, the basic thing is food, shelter, a roof over your head. Even when all this is compromised, do not be anxious for anything, envisaged a life without much luxury and watch the peace it brings. Peace comes when you leave life today as it comes and wait till you wake up tomorrow to see what it would bring.
This does not mean you can't make plans but work on it on a daily basis and don't leave today how you wish you will leave tomorrow, it only brings anxiety and unsatisfactory moments in ones daily life. Bless you all. Shalom

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