Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Half-naked activists FEMEN movement disintegrated

Movement FEMEN, famous for its egregious actions of half-naked activists in Ukraine, in Russia and Western Europe, already in 2015 virtually collapsed. Since then, all the action is just its own initiatives demonstrantek individual, even if held under the brand FEMEN. It said one of the founders of John Ždanovová.

"The team we had before, no longer exists," said Ždanovová Ukrainian news site Apostrophe .

In France, Spain and Ukraine, according to her left several activists who from time to time to try something a business. All but absent "system and the concept of what existed at the beginning, when we have every day without weekends and holidays, work for the welfare of our thoughts. It all ended," said the activist.

FEMEN movement in 2013 moved its headquarters to France, where he spent two more years before by Ždanovové "everything started bursting at the seams and crumbled." "Currently, no longer FEMEN organization, but the style of protest. They just appropriated the style of protest that we created during the existence of our organization," she said about the successor.

source: www.reflex.cz/

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