Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Miners Found 175-tonne jade stone worth $170 million

An 18-foot wide and 9-foot high jade stone weighing 175 tonnes unearthed by miners in Myanmar just dwarfed a 34-kilogramme pearl in the Philippines displayed for the first time in public in August, although it was discovered 10 years ago. Initial estimates value the giant jade – large enough as two small houses – at US$170 million (A$224 million).
Sao Min, a 44-year-old miner who was part of the group that found the 175-tonne stone in a remote mine in Kachin State, says, “We thought we had won the lottery. But this belongs to the country. It is in honour of our leaders,” Daily Mail quotes Min
Myanmar produces the bulk of the world’s finest jadeite which contributes to almost 50 percent of the Southeast Asian nation’s GDP.

The giant jade would be shipped to China, the world’s largest marker for this gemstone, where it is expected to be cut into pieces for production of jewellery and sculpture.



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