Saturday, 17 September 2016

"Video" Syrian rebel accidentally blows himself & comrades up by taking a selfie with a phone bomb detonator

In the vibe bellow shows a horrific moment when a Syrian rebel accidentally blows himself and fellow freedom fighters up by attempting to take a selfie with a mobile phone rigged to an explosive.
Although the Footage has not been verified, it shows a group of eight men, believed to be members of the Free Syrian Army, gathered around a camera. Sitting in front of a rebel flag and flanked by rifles, they sing into a microphone and appear to be filming a propaganda video. One of the rebels is then seen holding a mobile phone up in front of his face to take a selfie of the group, but as he hits the button, it triggers an explosion.
They can be heard shouting as the explosion displace the camera but it is not clear if anyone was killed or injured in the blast.
Watch the video after the cut…

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