Sunday, 4 September 2016

Soulja Boy THREATENS Ex Girlfriend Nia Riley And Her ‘New Boyfriend’ With A GUN!

In the video Soulja Boy – real name DeAndre Cortez Way says, ‘Hey dude, f*** you and f*** Nia Riley. Stop playing with me ‘fore some shooters be outside your house,’ he says menacingly. Soulja Boy can then be heard saying ‘kill you’, before once again warning: ‘Stop playing with me.’ 

 After the Soulja Boy, shared the threatening video, rapper Skrill Dilly denied social media rumours that he was dating Soulja’s ex Nia Riley. He tweeted: ‘Who is @NiaRiley. Never met her b4 but she’s gorgeous.

However Skrill Dilly deleted the tweet after Nia replied: ‘Now you playing yourself. you know who I am, you BEEN following me! Don’t be lame! ‘Soulja Boy and Nia called it quits last week after rowing about a meme she shared to Instagram, which suggested she was ‘halfway into another relationship’.

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