Friday, 9 September 2016

Russian mum sells 10yr old daughter for a bottle of vodka

A Russian woman allegedly sold her 10 year old daughter to a suspected rapist, 23, for a bottle of vodka and 100 roubles (around £1.30) & then watched him rape her in Russia's Khabarovsk region, Police say.
The little girl was later found, scared and crying with her legs covered in blood, near the block of flats where the alleged attack occurred.

The man after he was arrested by police reportedly claimed that having 'bought' the child from her mum, he could do 'whatever he liked' with her.

The child has since been released from hospital and is in the care of an orphanage as she is so scared she doesn't want to set her eyes on her mum.

The woman  is expected to face police questioning, but has not yet been detained while the man denies sexually assaulting the child.
source :  MirrorUK

this is really bad in my opinion and the child should be taken away from her, what is your view on this?

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