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Valentines Day

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One of those days he just couldn’t understand. But since she was in his life, it had a new meaning. And this year, it had a very special meaning: they were finally going to go out and live one of their shared sexual fantasies.

She had left already a while ago. He had no idea what she was wearing or what exactly she expected him to wear or do with himself, but as he stood in front of the mirror fixing his tie, he couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding in his chest with happy excitement. When his outer appearance was satisfactory, he made sure to do a little check-up of their apartment: Hiding the pictures of the two of them, putting out a bottle of red wine and two glasses, a box of her favorite chocolates, spreading rose petals on the bed and living room coffee table. A little black wooden box, the size of a shoe box, with a golden lock and red velvet insides, was placed on the table besides the wine bottle. The thought of the contents made his heart beat a little harder, the bulge in his pants become a little larger.

Arriving at the bar down the street, he searched the room before ordering a vodka on ice. No sign of his wife yet. He sat down, fidgeting, when suddenly, a red-head in a tight, strapless dress with a large, ever so slightly opened zipper all the way down the front, revealing the tops of her full breasts seductively, walked in. She eyed the room nervously, trying hard to keep her cool, spotted him, and looked down, blushing. She then proceeded to walk towards the bar in her killer stilettos and down a tequila shot. Smiling, he eased his way towards her, giving her a polite “Hello” and his sexiest look.

She greeted him back, blushingly. She is good at this, he thought. She is really good at pretending like she doesn’t know what’s going on, what we discussed so many times before. The thought excited him even more. “Can I buy you a drink?” She grinned and brushed a streak of hair out of her face. He could see she was wearing the silver earrings he had bought her, her favorite pair. “Sure”, she breathed.

They chatted briefly, exchanging names, commenting on the one or other pointless detail about the weather, the bar, the news. They discussed movies and wine, and he let it slip that he had a very special, very expensive bottle of red wine at home. When he felt like the alcohol consumption had reached the level he intended, meaning slightly tipsy but not too drunk to enjoy the full experience, they wandered over to the dance floor. The swaying hips, rubbing bodies, hands wandering down each other’s backs… After only a few minutes, the sexual tension was rising, but he still wouldn’t kiss her, no matter how often she leaned in for it. When he saw the frustration building up in her eyes, he grabbed her from behind, pulling her close, letting her feel how hard he was for her. She let out a soft moan as he leaned in and whispered “Let’s get out of here?” in her ear. “Um… I usually don’t go home with a man on the first date”, she answered with a trembling voice, “but maybe I can m
ake an exception… since you have that expensive wine and all.” They walked home in silence, holding hands shyly, and as he led her up the stairs and into their living room, he could feel his cock growing in expectation.

Her eyes lit up as she saw the rose petals. “Wow… this is romantic.” She didn’t notice he was coming up behind her until he was brushing her hair over her right shoulder and kissing her neck. He could see the goose bumps rising on her skin as she inhaled sharply. “Well”, he whispered, “maybe this is destiny. Maybe you were meant to come here.” She turned around and faced him, and this time, he let her kiss him. It was a hot, long, passionate, deep kiss, the kind that only she could give him, the kind that drove him insane. At that moment, all he really wanted was to tear her clothes off and fuck her right there on that coffee table, but he had to be patient. This game was too well planned, too well thought through. He could tell she was as eager as he was, but he had to keep it cool, to make sure she played along.

Her hands wandered between them, loosening his tie. He let her take it off, but backed away before she could start unbuttoning his shirt. “Wine?” he asked, smiling. Panting, she nodded and gave him a grin. He poured two glasses, sat on the sofa and patted the seat beside him. They sipped in silence for a while, just looking into each other’s eyes. His hand wandered to her thigh, slowly and gently caressing it. She closed her eyes and sighed. His hand wandered higher and higher, till it reached the seam of her dress. She took a deep breath, leaning her head back slightly, then seemed to remember what they had talked about. “You know… I really should get going”, she whispered. He grinned. “Why, babe? Aren’t you having fun? ‘Cause I’m just getting started.”

He took the glass from her hand and put both on the table, kneeling on the floor in front of her. “I really shouldn’t be here”, she said, looking at him. His hand wandered up her inner left thigh and her eyes filled with desire. “Really… I should go. I’ll… I’ll call you, you know?” His hand kept reaching up further and further, under her dress, until he reached her panties. The silk was soaked through. She let out a short, soft moan. “This… this is wrong, you know? We just met.” She tried to pull away, but he put his free hand on her hip, holding her down. “I can’t let you go yet, baby”, he whispered, “not when your body is so ready for some fun.” He slid a finger under the side of her panties, feeling the soft skin around her wet pussy, probably shaved that very day. “You can’t tell me that you’re disliking this.”

Suddenly, she grabbed his hand with both of hers. “You have to stop. Please.” It was almost comical, the fake pleading in her voice. She gave him a small grin, letting him know she was just playing the part, that she wanted more, that she needed him to keep going. That grin was all he needed. He stood up in front of her, slowly unbuttoning and removing his shirt. “What are you doing?”, she whispered. He chuckled. “I’m going to have my way with you, sweetheart… whether you want it or not.” She swallowed dry, crawling onto the sofa, away from him, but he was faster. He pinned her down, belly-down, and forced her hands behind her back. “Stop…”, she moaned, but he knew that she wanted more, they had decided on a safe word, and she hadn’t said it yet.

Reaching over to the coffee table, he grabbed the black box, emptying it on the floor. She could hear the clinking of metal, but wasn’t sure what it was until she felt the handcuffs around her ankles and felt her shoes being pulled off. “What are you doing?” she asked, and he only chuckled. “Oh, babe… you’re gonna regret trying to get away from me. I know you want it, I know you’re aching for it, but now, as a punishment, I’m gonna make you beg for it”, he said, lifting her arms above her head and snapping another handcuff on her wrists this time. With a quick move, he lifted her off the couch and laid her on the floor, straddling her hips, unzipping her strapless dress and letting it fall off her. She was squirming, trying to shake him off of her, but he just lifted her arms above her head and forced his tongue into her hot mouth, making her moan.

Next, he began kissing down her neck, down to her breasts, barely being covered by her strapless bra. To his delight, it opened in front – something he then proceeded to do with his teeth before covering her breasts with kisses and sucking longingly on the now hard nipples he so adored. He licked, sucked and nibbled on them, rubbing his face between her breasts, already rock hard, ready to explode. Sitting up, he pulled off his belt, opened his pants, and, kicking off his shoes and socks, leaned down until his mouth was touching her ear. “You know what you’re going to do for me now? You’re going to suck my hard cock. You’re going to swallow me down, deep into your throat, just because I want you to.” She was panting heavily now, mouth slightly open in excitement, but her eyes said yes. Grinning and happy, he stood up while pulling her onto her knees, stepping in the loop created by her handcuffed arms and dropped his pants and underpants to his ankles, letting his already hug
e, rock-hard cock out. It hit her in the face.

She looked up at him, licking her lips, grinning. “This is wrong. You really shouldn’t be making me do th-“, she started, but before she could finish, he had his hands in her hair and was fucking her deep in the mouth. This time, he was the one to lean his head back and moan. If there was one thing he girl was absolutely amazing at, it was giving head. Her lips wrapped around his shaft, her tongue pressing up on the soft, sensitive bottom part of his erection, her throat muscles tightening around the head of his cock as she deep-throated him. As she began to gag, he pulled himself out, and she went down to lick and suck his balls as he cock-slapped her cheek. As the pre-cum started dripping out the head of his cock he grabbed her face and rubbed it all against her lips, then watched her lick it all off while looking into his eyes. He smiled. “Good girl. That’s the way I like it. Now… are you more willing to do as I wish?” She nodded. “Excuse me, what?”, he teased. She swallow
ed, knowing what he wanted. “Yes”, she whispered, standing up. With her arms around his neck, looking deep into his eyes, she leaned in and kissed him. She kissed him deeply, she kissed him passionately. His hands ran up her and down her back, resting them on her behind. Then, unexpectedly, he slapped her once, sharply, on the left cheek of her ass. She pulled away from him, with a surprised look on her face. “Get on the couch. I want you on all fours for me”, he whispered.

She obeyed him silently, without objecting. He placed himself behind her, fingering the soft bit of soaked-through fabric between her thighs. “You know what I want to do to you right now? I want to suck on this soft, juicy pussy. I want to get you so close to orgasm your legs can’t take it anymore and you start to shake. How does that sound?” – “Wonderful”, she whispered. He could see the goose-bumps on her arms. They just turned him on more. “I can’t hear you”, he teased, then gave her another slap on the ass. She gave a small cry, a mix of pleasure and pain. “Do you want me to eat you out?”, he asked, more directly this time. “Do you want me to take these wet panties off and suck on your throbbing clit?” As he asked, he stuck his finger near her entrance, gently fingering her through her almost-dripping panties. “Yes”, she said, louder this time. But he wanted more. He gave her another spanking, then said softly: “Yes, what?” She swallowed hard. “I want you to take these pa
nties off and lick my pussy. I want you to eat me out right now.” That was what he needed to hear. He slipped the panties down to her knees and began licking her from behind. She moaned, swaying her hips, moving along with his tongue.

She could feel his lips on her clit, his tongue exploring her pussy, entering her hole. Her muscles started to clench. She could feel her orgasm building, and when he noticed, he stopped, leaving her on the edge. This was the moment he was waiting for. He kneeled back behind her, sliding his hard cock into her hot, dripping pussy. They both moaned simultaneously as he eased forward, deeper into her, pounding her hard as his hips hit her ass. He felt her muscles begin to contract around his cock as she got closer and closer to orgasm. He thought of slowing down, of driving her to the edge again, but decided to let her cum. He felt her juices covering his cock and balls and had to hold on really, really hard to not cum, too, as she moaned and convulsed, shaking with the powerful orgasm he gave her. He slowed down, staying inside of her, enjoying the moment, then reached forward, snapped open the handcuffs around her wrists.

“Lay down onto your stomach, babe. I want you to touch your clit while I cum inside of you.” She obeyed, still moaning and panting, reaching down to touch her wet pussy. She lifted her hips so he could slip into her, and he dove in, straddling her ass, penetrating her deeply. “Oh my God, fuck me. Fuck me hard”, she started moaning loudly, almost screaming. She was so sensitive it only took her moments before the next orgasm was building up inside of her. This time, he was ready to cum, too. As soon as he felt her muscles contracting in an orgasm, he let go, shooting a hot, thick load of cum into her.

He lay on top of her, panting. They were both covered in sweat, in the afterglow of glorious love-making. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart”, he managed to whisper to her before she passed out.

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